The Dodge Polara - Project 1
Rims and Skins
The Polara needed new tires BAD! They were about ready to fly right off the rims due to the misalignment of the front end, which, when I had it checked out, turned out to be a brake problem. Whoever had replaced the brakes the last time had not gotten the drums turned, so they were uneven. This had caused a massive alignment problem, leading to the consistent shredding of the tires. Well, I got the brakes taken care of, and some new pads, then headed to Sears for new rims and skins to replace the old ones. The only reason I went to Sears was that they were open on a Saturday, but the dude needed to confirm sizes, etc, so I ended up waiting anyhow. I went with American Racing Rims, the vintage bubble rims, and slightly bigger than stock tires up front, and much wider ones in back. I upgraded from 14" to 15", the back tires were 245/65. Older Dodges have 2 sets of lug nuts, one for each side, because they spin backwards on one side. Strange. So, anyway, all this worked out eventually, the rims setting me back about $75 a piece and the tires about $65 or so. After labor and taxes the whole thing set me back around $680 bucks. SHEESH. I never want to do that again.