The Dodge Polara aka tiberon aka 'the shark'
1968 Dodge Polara 2 door hard top, 383 (built to Magnum specs), 850cfm ThermoQuad 4bbl, 727 Tranny, 18-2100 converter, 3.91 gears, manual steering, 2.5 inch aluminized exhaust w/ hp manifolds.
Audio - Building a 10" lcd screen w/ internal cpu (iopener) and hard drive to use as a head unit for mp3 play. Currently, Optimus head, with 2 Jensen 6x9s driven by a 240 watt sherwood amp. 2 Kenwood 250watt per 12" subwoofers in a sealed enclosure in the trunk, driven by a Craig Powerplay 500watt mono bridgable (2 ohm stable) amp. This system kicks, but I need an up front speaker and tweeters to fill out the stageing a little better.
Our crew has been racing a yellow dart, a purple duster, and the polara out at Keystone Raceway in New Alexandria, PA. Races are normally held on Sunday, eliminations begin around 3pm, but to race, you must get there around 10 for time trials. See their page for more info.

Stage 1 - Before I did much
Stage 2 - After new rims and tires
Project 1 - Rims and Skins
Project 2 - Cam upgrade...aka whole new engine

My slacker friend John's dart
Bob's dad Bill's Duster, next to the Polara
The purple Duster again
Huge pictures of the polara (>500k)