So how exactly does an (Keirsey Temperament: NF - INFP) create a web page about himself? I dunno, why don't you ask one. I like coffee, diners, diners with coffee in them, watching people, watching people drink coffee, watching people drink coffee in diners, the color purple, music that someone eventually asks to shut off, truth, science, fiction, truth in science fiction, doing things that people don't like just because they made such a point of telling me, Charles Bukowski, Tennessee Williams, e. e. cummings, Ivan Stangian Reflux Emitters (SubGenius), being sentimental, HST, doing everything the way everyone else does but with the word manic in front of its description, imagining I was a member of the Velvet Underground, scotch, spiced rum, things you eat,, talking about 'the old days', 13013, learning more about computer systems than I will ever tell you... even if it means losing bragging rights, the South (may it rise again), John Woo, anime, Touch and Go, KISS, William S. Burroughs, slow jazz/blues (much better than a heroin addiction), tattooing, piercing, and all the rituals behind them, caveing, casual telepathy, old friends, six year long desires, the period of time between having money and handing it to the cashier, driving really fast on back roads with friends, and run-on sentences. I think that's about all you deserve to know.
My friend and I started an Internet Service Provider, called A&M Communications, which serviced the Indiana County area. We eventually sold our customers after 5 years of business. There's no better way to get a T1 in your own basement!
I drive a 1968 Dodge Polara, and a '95 Civic EX. I do tattoos for money, and work a thankless dayjob as a Network Engineer and CQT technician for a wireless company.
Well, remember my name, and send me money, 'cuz you'll want me for a friend in the future.
I was in a geek magazine!

Yes, I know these pictures make me seem really self observant, but I thought they were funny. So suck it. Suck it dolphin. Suck it.